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Each case is different and an examination of the unique factors is critical to evaluating any matter.  The following information is not to be considered legal advice nor should it be considered to give rise to an attorney/client relationship.  The following is for general information.  In the event that you are charged with an alcohol related infraction, please contact an attorney as soon as possible.


Under the law of South Carolina, there are many offenses related to

drinking and driving.  These include many types of DUI prosecutions as well as DUAC.


Anyone with a South Carolina driver's license has under our law given

"implied consent" to a blood alcohol test if they are driving.  This does

not mean that you are required to submit to a blood alcohol test, but it does mean that you may have your driver's license suspended if you refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test.


If you are arrested for an alcohol related traffic offense, you will be asked to submit to the blood alcohol test and if your license is suspended either due to your refusal or due to the level of alcohol detected in your blood stream you will receive a request for administrative hearing.  You should always request the administrative hearing.  This will allow you to contest the administrative suspension as well as apply for a Temporary Alcohol License.


In most jurisdictions, including Conway and Myrtle Beach, as soon as a police vehicle activates its siren a camera will begin filming.  In the event that you are stopped, remember that your actions and words are likely on camera.

In the event of a traffic stop in which the driver is suspected of an alcohol

related offense, the officer will likely ask the driver to perform field sobriety tests.  The standard tests used by most officers are: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Walk and Turn and One Leg Stand.  The HGN test consists of the officer asking the driver to follow a light with their eyes while holding the head and body still.


 In the event of an arrest, the driver will be placed under observation during the time prior to the administering of the blood alcohol test.  Again, during this time the driver and officer will be on camera.


The appearance of a defendant on film is critical to any DUI case.  In the

event that the case goes to trial, the video will normally be shown to the jury.  It is also important to remember that the police officer will be a part

of any plea negotiation and it is not helpful to be rude or insulting to the officer.


Although the fine associated with a conviction for DUI or DUAC is not usually steep.  There are many collateral consequences

which make these charges very serious matters.  These consequences can include driver's license suspensions, increases in auto

insurance rates and others which are outlined in the statutes.

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Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) - In order to administer this test the officer will hold an object in front of the suspect at eye level.  The officer will then move the object, while asking the suspect to follow the object with his eyes.  The officer will be looking for a lack of smooth pursuit in following the object.

3 examples of field sobriety tests used to arrest for DUI in the Myrtle Beach area:

Walk and Turn - In order to administer this test the officer will ask the suspect to stand heal to toe, take nine heal to toe steps, turn and take nine more heal to toe steps.  This test actually begins when the officer begins giving the instructions.  The officer will be looking at the suspects ability to balance during the instruction and the test as well as the ability to correctly follow the instructions.

One-Leg Stand - In order to administer this test the officer will ask the suspect to stand straight with his arms at his sides.  The suspect will be instructed to raise one leg six inches off the ground and count out loud until told to stop.  Again, this test actually begins when the officer begins giving the instructions as the officer will be looking for both balance and the ability to follow instructions.


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